Blood Analysis

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Live & Dry Blood Analysis

Live and Dry blood analysis is a simple test conducted by a nutritional microscopist. A single drop of blood is collected and viewed under a specialized, high magnification microscope to analyze the health of the red and the white blood cells, to detect any imbalances in the blood that precede various health challenges and mineral deficiencies such as: joint pain, high blood pressure, acid reflux, constipation, poor digestion, abdominal bloating, disrupted sleep, insulin resistance, signs and symptoms of candida, iron, b12, vitamin c deficiencies  and many more. Once all the information has been collected, we will the write up a natural herbal treatment to correct the imbalances. If we understand why the blood is unwell, we can understand why at a cellular level the body is unwell, and by correcting the balance in the blood, we give the body the ability to heal itself.  

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